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Posted on Oct 18, 2018 By admin

The Arena CoD League has been created in order to cater for the European scene and where the 2019 CWL structure has fallen short. The Arena CoD League caters for players of all ages, meaning the amateur and youth communities can compete against some of Europe’s up and coming talents. With some players not being able to attend the overseas events, the ACL creates a place where everyone can compete from the comfort of their own set up.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some details around the ACL

Introducing Arena Points

Arena Points are earned through competing in daily matches on our newly designed website where players have the ability to post and accept matches. These matches will be free to everyone and will be played using a 5v5 Variant setting that will be revealed nearer to the release of Black Ops 4. If your team wins seven games in a week, then the players in that team will earn points. 75 points will be given to each player on the winning team. There’s no limit to how many matches can be played and points will not be deducted if a team loses.

Points will be locked down after the last 5K tournament before one of the three major tournaments that will take place during the 2019 season. A maximum of six players can be on a team with four of those being selected before competing in a match. A dedicated team of admins will be on hand to manage any disputes that are being logged and will resolve games that have been disputed.

Arena points will be used to seed all tournaments including the three major tournaments taking place throughout the season. 

5K Tournaments

Along with the daily Arena matches, 5K tournaments are another way of earning points. Taking place every two weeks, 5K tournaments will be free entry to all ages and contested in the same 5v5 format as the daily Arena matches. Matches will be best-of-three until the top 32 where it will be a best-of-five series. Starting at the top 32, games will be streamed and casted by some familiar faces from the amateur scene. Along with Arena Points, each 5K tournament will include a cash prize.

Before the tournament begins, teams that have been created for the 5K will be locked just before the bracket is generated. No teams will be allowed to use “pick-ups” during the 5K tournaments. The points earned from a 5K tournament will be awarded to the individual players rather than the team.

The Future

The ACL has been created in order to satisfy the demand for competition of all levels for the European Call of Duty community. With over £20,000 in prize money to be won and an all new way to play, the Arena CoD League is set to be the prime location to be playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in Europe this season.