The First ACL 5K
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Posted on Nov 3, 2018 By admin

ESPU Arena CoD League 5k Series Recap: 27/10/2018

We kicked off the first 5000 ACL Points series last weekend, where 65 teams battled it out to win the first ACL tournament of the season. This year, we are starting with our Winter Championship following a £6,000 prize pool. Did you compete in last week’s 5K? Here’s the recap.

There is always the unfortunate result that not every team can advance to the second round of any tournament, and we had to say goodbye to 16 teams after round one. However, If you placed between 9th-16th, 800 ACL points have been allocated to your account:

Netjak Esports

LyZo eSports

Benelux Sterren

Devious Gaming

Legion Gaming

“Team Copley”


Zealous eSports


After the round of 16, the remaining teams put up a fight in a hope to advance into the quarter finals but 1,250 ACL points have been allocated to the following teams:

Emperiial eSports


Vortex Youth



We had 8 teams remaining in our 5K series, but we could only take 4 teams through to semis. Those who placed 3-4h in the series; 2,000 ACL points have been allocated to your account:

Aerox Nation

Team Singularity

This left the all important grand finals between Cryptick Gaming and “5Ks and That”. A final which left us all on our seats to a game 5. However, the recently announced Cryptick Gaming roster held a 6-2 win on Arsenal to secure 5,000 ACL points.

Congratulations to “5Ks and that” who secured 4,000 ACL points.

The debut winners of the ESPU 5K series are Cryptick Gaming! They have secured 5,000 ACL points to start their season.

The next 5K will be on Saturday 3 November, sign up: