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test 25 - 0

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1st test 25 - 0
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*The ESPU follows the CWL Ruleset*

In the event where the below ruleset contradicts the CWL Ruleset, the CWL Ruleset shall prevail.

GRAV is currently banned untill further notice

Maps and Modes
Control Maps:
—   Arsenal
—   Frequency
—   Gridlock
—   Seaside
Control Settings:
—   Two second respawn delay
—   Three-second suicide penalty
—   15-second pre-match timer
—   Five second pre-round timer

Hardpoint Maps:
—   Arsenal
—   Frequency
—   Gridlock
—   Hacienda
—   Seaside
Hardpoint Settings:
—   Two second respawn delay
—   Three-second suicide penalty
—   15-second pre-match timer

Search and Destroy Maps:
—   Arsenal
—   Frequency
—   Gridlock
—   Hacienda
—   Payload
Search and Destroy Settings:
—   Time limit decreased to 1:30
—   Round Win limit: 6
—   Select Spawn disabled
—   Silent Plant enabled
—   15-second pre-match timer
Five second pre-round timer

The following Specialist is restricted from use:
—   Nomad
Specialists in the game can be used by one player on each team.
Specialist Equipment
The following Specialist Equipment is restricted from use:
—   Tac-Deploy (Restricted in Hardpoint and Search & Destroy only)

Weapon Restrictions
The following will be restricted for competitive play.
—   Titan
—   Hades
—   VKM 750
—   MOG 12
—   SG12
—   Daemon 3XB
—   Swat RFT
Other Restrictions:
The following will be restricted for competitive play.
—   High Caliber
—   High Explosive
—   Laser Sight II
—   Max Load
—   Rapid Fire
—   Rocket Cache
—   Steady Grip
—   Fast Lock
—   Gung-Ho
—   Skulker
—   Team Link
—   Tracker

—   Overkill
—   Primary Operator Mod
—   Secondary Operator Mod
—   UAV
—   Care Package
—   Counter-UAV
—   Sentry
—   Mantis
—   Acoustic Sensor

Lobby Settings
In all modes, some standard game settings will be changed, including:
—   CWL Ruleset enabled
—   Friendly Fire enabled
—   Battlechatter disabled
—   Revenge voice disabled
—   3rd Person Spectating Disabled
—   3rd Person Gestures Disabled
—   Gesture Camera Controls Disabled
—   Team Assignment – Open
—   Announcer – enabled
Remember, this is just the initial ruleset; rules are subject to change, and we will continue to fine-tune these settings throughout the remainder of the year.
No shows:
A team has 10 Minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches; failure to do so could potentially result in a forfeiture of the match. In the situation that the opposing team does not show up for the scheduled match, you MUST contact @ESPU_Support Twitter.
When alerted to a no-show the administrator will then contact your opponent at the 10-minute mark after the scheduled match start time. Your opponents will then have an additional amount of time to respond to the administrator and Join/Host (The additional amount of time is based on the administrator’s discretion).
Failure to follow the directions and the set deadlines from the administrator will result in a forfeiture of the match.
Scheduled game times:

1PU allowed 

Acquiring Proof:
Proof may be acquired by getting valid proof via Picture or Video. Keep in mind, may the situation arise where the opposing team makes a dispute, and you are unable to provide valid proof of winning the previous match, you risk receiving a loss or the match being cancelled.
If you are unsure what proof to gather in a certain situation, please note this in the ticket or ask @ESPU_Support. If we require additional proof the ticket may not be closed immediately; we will reply to the ticket so please check comments as much as possible.

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